What is the FIRE financial movement?

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Welcome to my blog post here covering “What is the FIRE financial movement?”

If you have stumbled across this blog post and we haven’t met before – I’m Rick, the creator of affiliate-HQ.com, if you don’t have anything better to do you can find out a little bit more about my life and Affiliate HQ here.

The FIRE Financial Movement is a big buzz topic at the moment and the movement is gaining a lot of traction particularly where I am based in the UK.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about FIRE and the opportunity that we all have to live our lives in more fulfilling, wealthy and successful ways by making positive adjustments to our lifestyle. Let’s jump right in 😊

What does FIRE stand for?

FIRE stands for Financially Independent Retired Early or you will see different variations of that: Financially Independent Retire Early/Retiring early/Financial Independence Retire Early etc. You get the drift.

The basis of FIRE is reducing your costs and saving, whilst, ideally, simultaneously increasing your income, so that you can retire early with a load of dosh instead of frittering it away over the years and getting to retirement (at likely 70+ for my generation) on a wing and a prayer 🙏

What is Financial Independence?

You are regarded as financially independent when your returns from your income generating assets (such as investments/residual income businesses/savings) are equal to or exceed your living expenses. That’s a great place to be in life for sure 😊

But the FIRE financial movement is so much more than saving and accumulating wealth.

What does Financial Independence mean to you?

A Yaught. Give me the yaught 😂

Financial Independence is going to mean something different for each person.

Here are my top 3 reasons for pursuing FIRE and perhaps some of them may resonate with you!

1. I’m claustrophobic!

The idea that I HAVE to work a certain amount of hours a week to survive makes me feel so trapped.

The idea that I have to ask permission to have a “day off” or to justify why I’m too ill to work is crazy for me 🤒

Just stop and think for a moment on that point 💭

You are not asking your director/manager/supervisor for a “day off” you are effectively asking the permission of (often a relative stranger that you don’t particularly get on with…) for permission to live! To do what you want to do! Or need to do! ✅

That’s prison.

That is well and truly trapped.

The sad thing is that 99% of people are living in this trap and can’t even see it.

Or if occasionally they bob their head above water and start making a splash – they are pushed back under by a couple of grand pay rise to help them forget that they are in prison/drowning/whatever mixed metaphor you wish to use! 🚿

2. When I have kids – I wouldn’t mind seeing ‘em!

I am not yet a father but i’d definitely like to be in the future.

I had the most amazing childhood.

In the early days growing up, Dad went to work and Mum stayed home and then in our later youth Dad stayed home and Mum went out to work 💼

There was always a meal cooked 🥘

There was always Mum or Dad at home to read stories, build tree houses, go for bike rides, take us to the park, to help us to be children.

We didn’t have phones or tablets or the need for constant digital stimulation. We had our imagination and a Mum and Dad that were around for us and supported us through childhood 🙏

The memories myself and by brothers and sister carry from childhood are worth more than any smart phone and they have set us up for meaningful living in adult life.

Sadly, I see so often that things just don’t work like this now, It has all changed

  • Mum and Dad both go out to work to pay for huge mortgage on home that they don’t need and the finance on their two BMW which they don’t really need either but they look good on the drive 🚘
  • Kids spend most of time at after school clubs or childminders so that Mum and Dad can go to work 😞
  • Kids are mostly brought up by strangers
  • Mum and Dad feel guilty about never seeing the kids so when they do see them they spoil them with electronic gifts 🎁
  • Mum and Dad so tired from working all of the time that when they do spend time with the kids they are ratty and tired so they don’t make a great deal of effort to connect 😢
  • Kids grow up in a consumerist mindset thinking that to be happy they just need more “stuff” ❌
  • Kids become adult clones of Mum and Dad
  • Mum and Dad and kids are all really unhappy and disconnected and they can’t work out why… (Mum and Dad probably filing for divorce by now anyway…)

Time is something that you cannot get back ⏰

Let’s win back the time to do things that you shouldn’t need to win back the time to do 😊

3. The chance of Rick Brigg been born is 1-400 trillion!

Crazy right? (——-> awww, aren’t I cute!) 💕

What is even more crazy is that, given the odds of actually making it onto Planet Earth – the majority of people completely waste this opportunity by creating someone else’s dream as opposed to creating their own 🌍

I want to travel. To try new foods. Experience different cultures. Learn languages. Play in musical groups all over the world 🎶

And I want to do this when I want to do it. Not just on my 26 day holiday allocation each year! 😡

So, I thought – I’m going to have to become financially free. Yay.

How do we become financially free? 47 FIRE questions to ponder!

FIRE is all about reducing costs and increasing income simultaneously 🔥

Some of these suggestions below may be hard for you to consider and that’s natural.

All of your life you have been sold a philosophy. I’m selling you a different one. Keep an open mind 🧠 

  1. Do you really need your 5 bed detached new build? 🏡
  2. Could you downsize?
  3. Could you take in a lodger and rent out a room?
  4. Do you need Sky TV? 📺
  5. What is TV doing to your family life?
  6. Do you need a TV? (No, no please don’t take the TV! We might have to talk to each other!)
  7. Do you need a contract mobile phone? 📲
  8. Could a cheap SIM only work for you?
  9. Could you make a flask of coffee and take it to work instead of buying Costa every daily? ☕️
  10. Have you ever baked your own bread? 🍞
  11. Is it easy to grow your own veg?
  12. What do you know about Affiliate marketing
  13. If you could make money talking about your hobbies and passions would you?
  14. What is convenience food doing for your health? 🍔
  15. How healthy do you feel?
  16. Do you need you’re gym membership? 🏋️‍♀️
  17. Would it be possible to do the same workout from home?
  18. Do you buy branded clothes because you love them or because you think others will love them?
  19. What about your shades? (Is it even sunny?) 🕶
  20. How much money do you save a month? 💵
  21. What percentage of your income are you saving?
  22. Where are you saving that money if you are saving?
  23. How many holidays do you go on a year? 🏖
  24. How many times do you eat out each month?
  25. Would drinking water be better than drinking juices?
  26. How much alcohol do you drink? 🍺
  27. Who’s much do you spend on alcohol a month?
  28. Times that number by 12 for the year and by 10 for a ten year figure – is it worth it?
  29. Do you know what residual income is?
  30. What do you like best about your Job?
  31. What would life look like if you didn’t have to work but had more than enough money to live on?
  32. How would your relationship with your spouse change?
  33. What about the relationships with the kids?
  34. How much debt do you have? 😢
  35. Why do you have a credit card?
  36. Have you ever thought about running your own business?
  37. If yes – what stopped you? 🛑
  38. Do you know what consumerism is?
  39. What do you feel about the impact of consumerism on our modern day society?
  40. The best things in life are free – do you agree?
  41. How old are you?
  42. What car do you drive? 🚗
  43. Do you need to drive that car?
  44. Is it on finance?
  45. Do you own a bicycle? 🚲
  46. How many hours a week do you work?
  47. Are you happy, fulfilled, excited, joyous, full of energy and vitality? 🥳

The mindset required for FIRE success!

I’ve always been a great planner and organiser – every Sunday I’d plan out my FIRE goals for the week…. spend maximum X amount this week, if get invited out for a meal, drink water and persuade friends to go on BOGOF night… you get the idea 💡

Then three days later i’d be swilling back £4.70 pints of lager and offering to buy half of the local a drink.

This is luckily now not the case 👏 👏 👏

Here’s my advice for creating that mindset.

  • Give yourself some praise – the fact that you are here reading this article sets you apart from the majority of your peers. You are searching for a lifestyle change! I recommended starting your day with some positive affirmations to begin to reprogram the mind for success.


  • Don’t set massive crazy goals that scare the hell out of you – what? Yeah, I know. A lot of the info online these days seems to be trending towards setting massive goals that excite and scare you – well all of that can come later on. For now I’d advise working in 24 hour lots only. Try not to think too much beyond the day. I use google calendar to plan the 24 hours at a time. Works for me. When we think too far ahead “I must save 180K by time I’m 40” our mind struggles. But could you happily set a goal of “don’t buy a costa today, take a flask to work?” Sure you could 😃


  • Get involved in the FIRE community, read articles, educate yourself – I’ve always found reading success stories from people similar to me looking to become financially independent very motivating 💪


  • Have a vision that is stronger than your immediate desires. This is the most important for me and may be for you. If we are going to be successful and become financially independent through the FIRE financial movement then we are going to need to learn how to delay gratitude and the immediate desires in preparation and excitement for bigger and better, more wholesome and lasting experiences in the future. Not always easy. But trust me – if you have a strong vision to go to when you are feeling tempted to buy that new Pandora charm or buy that new car that is a “great deal” on finance… it will be a whole lot easier. Do some day dreaming – write out the vision of the future, what will it be like when you are retired early and have a whopping residual income? How would it feel to have an income coming in every month whether you do any work on not? What would you do? Where would you go? How would you spend a perfect day? You get the idea – then come back to NOW and ask yourself, is that new car really worth giving up on my future for? Drastic it may sound and seem – but that is exactly what you do every time you make a NOW purchase 👍

The FIRE financial movement is so much more than a financial philosophy – it is a philosophy for a happier lifestyle and a happier kinder more sustainable world!

FIRE gets into your blood. It becomes quite addictive 🔥

When I first started living in this new way and delaying my gratification for the better future of financial independence, I found it a chore.

It felt like I was detracting from my life. It felt like I was depriving myself.

This has all changed.

It has kind of become a game to see how little I can spend and how much value I can gain for that little amount.

Most of the amazing things in my life come FREE. It feels amazing!

Here’s a few fab examples of how I’m LOVING the FIRE way of living

  • I drive a 10 year old Suzuki Jimny that i love! It Is paid for in full
    and so cheap to insure and tax! The fuel costs be buttons and it drives like a dream. I’ve spent barely anything on maintenance and it’s got loads of character! It makes me happy when I’m driving around spotting bit 50K luxury cars thinking – I wouldn’t have one of those things. Imagine how much they pay each month on finance… imagine the fuel costs… etc, it makes me smile! Whereas years ago I would have suffered a severe case of car jealousy! 🚙


  • I used to drink quite a bit of alcohol, smoke a lot of cigs and eat a lot of takeaways. Since I started my FIRE journey I’ve given up smoking, I don’t drink alcohol and I cook most of my own food. I couldn’t bare to waste any more money on these overpriced “luxuries”. The thing is this – it felt like taking something away to start with but now I feel so lucky. When I see people handing £20 notes across the bar for a round of drinks, 2,3,4 times an evening it makes me so lucky to know a different way of living. I happily drink soda water or just water! And this has had an amazing knock on effect 😀


  • FIRE has changed my health and how I feel about myself mentally. Cutting down on spending forced me to make better and more sustainable food and drink choices; one thing leads to another and that inspired me to get out running more, and going to the gym! Looking at the price of foods and how much you get for your money inspired me to look at what was going into my food, and make better nutritional choices 🥕


  • It has forced me to create a more interesting and varied social life! Social time used to be meals out, drinks out, spend spend spend… now I make conscious choices that don’t cost so much money and I’m a lot happier for it. I’m trying new things that don’t cost money, taking on new hobbies, putting more time into my cornet and trumpet playing, seeing more of my family, going for more walks, seeing the countryside… it’s awesome! It makes you realise as well that a lot of your friends are quite dull – so I’ve swapped a few of those out and got some more interesting ones with a more open mind to socialising!

Don’t forget… whilst I am having this amazing time and my lifestyle is improving every day – my money is building for the future which will enable me to do more travel, give up work, put more time into passions and hobbies and grow my business projects that I love 💗

Find out how to increase your income here.

If you have any questions and comments please drop me a message below. What did you think of the article?

Open the mind and I’ll chat to you soon 😊


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