What is Affiliate Marketing about?

Apologies if you are a seasoned Affiliate Marketing Pro and I’m teaching you how to suck eggs, but for our complete beginners here at Affiliate-HQ, I thought it useful to provide a quick overview – what is Affiliate Marketing all about?

Affiliate Marketing is a process of making recommendations online for products and services that you feel might help people, and getting paid a commission when you make a recommendation and the person goes on to purchase that product or service.

This is something we naturally do all of the time but rarely get paid for it 💰

Have you ever been out for a meal and then told your friends how lovely the meal was?

How great the waiter was?

How amazing the food was? 🥘

And then they went on to book a table at the restaurant based on your glowing recommendation? 🍴

Did the owner of the restaurant pay you for that recommendation?


Exactly! 😆

Affiliate marketing is a way of getting paid for making recommendations online and we LOVE IT here at Affiliate-HQ!

The diagram will  give you a decent overview about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing process

Who is Affiliate Marketing suitable for?

The beauty of the internet and having an internet based business is that pretty much anyone – from any country, from any background, can start and develop a successful business online 💻

The internet does not discriminate 😃

However, just because it is simple to get started with an affiliate marketing business, doesn’t mean that it is easy.

If you are looking for a “get rick quick” opportunity, then first, they don’t exist and second – if they did, this is not it!

Stating an affiliate marketing business online is like starting any other traditional business – you are going to have to be prepared to put a LOT of work into your business in the early days whilst you build your business and your brand.

It is all dependent upon the time you are going to put into your business, but you likely won’t see any decent returns on your work for 6-12 months and then they will likely be small 😢

I’d rather tell you the truth than have you sign up and start an affiliate marketing business then quit because you didn’t understand the facts.

However, once your business and your brand is becoming established online, if you are working with the right partner and getting the correct training, you will find that you income will ramp up considerably to the point eventually where you feel like you are earning far too much money for the work you are doing! 😲

Affiliate Marketing Suitability Checklist

Here’s a few points to have a think about:

  1. Do I have an internet connection? (This is kinda important!) 💻
  2. How much time am I willing/able to put into my business? (You can build a business at any pace that you like – but I reckon you need to be able to put 5-10 hours in per week + to make any real progress)
  3. Am I prepared to put the work in for 6-12 months without seeing a massive financial return during that time? 💵
  4. Am I serious about building a business, or just curious?
  5. Why do I want to build a business?
  6. How am I going to build my business?

I am willing to work with and mentor people who are serious about building an affiliate marketing business – for free. Contact me at rick@affiliate-HQ.com and provide me with an overview of your current situation and why you want to build a business and change your life.

How much money is it going to cost me to start my Affiliate Marketing business?

Well, no a great deal. That’s the beauty of Affiliate Marketing, it is so accessible.

Let’s talk about this picture to the right.

I feel a little bit vulnerable sharing it.

This picture is me at the start of my affiliate marketing journey. Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t living on the streets, but I had very little. I’m using a cardboard box as a desk as I’d sold my coffee table that i had been using before! 😆

I was sleeping on the couch as I’d sold my bed 🛏 (I’d just woken up and decided to fire up the tablet and do some work on my business).

I was in the middle of moving home as I couldn’t afford to live where I was living and decided to move in and share with a friend. Read more about my FIRE journey 🔥

I had very little but I was still working on launching my affiliate marketing business nonetheless, so it can’t have been that expensive considering I didn’t even have a desk or a coffee table! 😊

What did my business cost me to launch and what does it cost me now to run? Here are my costs:





I haven’t included the cost of your internet connection or the electricity to run your laptop etc but that you can factor in yourself depending what your own individual costs are.

Now tell me – how much money does it cost to start a traditional offline business? 10K?  20K?  😢

You will notice the Wealthy Affiliate Membership Programme. So, what is that?

I won’t go into too much detail here but the Wealthy Affiliate Membership Programme is the programme that I used to launch my business and still use today to manage all of my websites and the entirety or my business online and you can get started for free.

Read more about it here. 

But, what would I write about? And I’m rubbish at writing anyway!

I will go into “finding a niche” on a different post on the website, don’t want to get bogged down as this post is literally an affiliate marketing overview 😃

To answer the question – well, you can write about ANYTHING.

The internet has approx 3.2 billion users, rest assured that whatever you decide to write about, there is going to be an audience for it out there on he world web! 🌎

My advice would be to write about/create your website around something that either interests you, you are passionate about or you would like to learn about 📚

You are going to be spending a lot of time writing blog posts and creating interesting content so it needs to be something that is going to firstly engage you when writing it – because if it doesn’t engage you when writing it, it is not going to engage the reader when they reader it. (Which means they won’t end up buying products and earning you money!) 😔

And what about the fact you’re probably not a trained writer?

I wouldn’t worry about that at all. In fact – it is likely going to work to your advantage.

All you have to do is write naturally and conversationally – imagine you were chatting to a friend.

You don’t need to try and be clever about it.

The best blogposts and the ones that people like to read are where they feel there is a human being behind the post 😃

You really don’t need to worry about how to write articles as it will all be covered in amazing detail with templates provided through Wealthy Affiliate. CLICK HERE. 

Rick’s Final Thoughts

I hope this article has provided you with an overview of Affiliate Marketing.

What’s your thoughts?

Here’s what you need to do now. 

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below. 

Find out more about the Wealthy Affiliate platform by reading my detailed review HERE.

If you are ready to get your business rolling right away, click on the banner below and sign up for your free account.

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