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I’m Rick and I’m going to be guiding you through one of our recommended affiliate marketing programmes here at Affiliate HQ – today we are focusing specifically on an affiliate organisation called Wealthy Affiliate.

So here we go with Wealthy Affiliate in review for Affiliate HQ.

Never heard of ‘em, who are Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing online organisation started over 15 years ago by a couple of guys called Kyle and Carson. It the complete package of everything you need to build out a successful affiliate marketing business and make money from your hobbies by talking and sharing about them online through creating your very own blog website.

Wealthy Affiliate is excellent for complete beginners in Affiliate Marketing – taking you step by step through all the stages of successful marketing online from building your initial website to registering a website domain name and how to make money through writing about your hobbies and passions.

Wealthy affiliate overview of process

I will be talking about the different topics in more detail throughout this review and will definitely be putting some focus on the community side of things for Wealthy Affiliate – the support and community help is second to none 🥇

I started out as a complete novice knowing very little about Affiliate Marketing or any online marketing for that matter and I now use Wealthy Affiliate to power all of my business online 💻

Rick’s Rankings for Wealthy Affiliate

I have ranked the different elements of the Wealthy Affiliate resource above and I am going to go on to explain a little about each element of the Wealthy Affiliate website and how it can help you.

Wealthy Affiliate Training, a leader in the industry


When I started on my quest to increase my income as part of my quest for financial freedom – I knew that I had to get my self online and build a business, which is all well and good – but where do you start? ❓

I wasn’t a complete novice to the internet but I’d never built a business online before and I certainly didn’t know about how to build websites and write articles and all of this stuff! I’m a normal lad from Yorkshire who runs a pub and plays in a brass band! 🎶

All the online guides and “gurus” and mentors all seemed to talk in a language that was alien to me; I knew that I needed to find a resource that would break things down into manageable steps for me! Enter Wealthy Affiliate.

I found that Wealthy Affiliate was a paint by numbers approach to building a successful business online. It tells you exactly what to do, step by step… exactly what colour to paint in what box! Below is a screenshot of one of the training pages for you. 🎨

Training: Online Enterpreneur Certification

This is your starting point. Step by Step on how to build a business online from scratch. This is the method that I have used to start my online journey.

This stuff takes time and work. If you Want a get rick quick scheme then this is not for you. If you want to build an online business that is going to pay you month after month, often residually then this definitely is for you. Building an online business is like building any other business – it takes time and consistent energy and work but the rewards online are huge; unlike a traditional bricks and mortar business, the internet gives you an immediate audience (customer base potentially) of billions of people.

Get things right online and you are winning. If you are sold already, you can jump straight into the training for free HERE.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification is ideal for people who already have an interest or hobby or a niche that they would like to share with people online and monetise.

For example: you may be a keen fishing enthusiast and decide to build a website all about fishing. You build a really interesting, informative website all about fishing using the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur training and you build a captive audience who visit your site and enjoy your articles. You then monetise your site and recommend products that might be of interest. Your customer click on your linked recommendation, it directs him to a subsidiary website (Amazon for example) and you earn a commission when they purchase their fishing rod… 

Are you starting to see how you could make a business out of this t’interweb thing? (Yorkshire for internet).

How to become an online entrepreneur

Training: Affiliate Bootcamp

This section of the training for me is where it all started to click into place.

If you aren’t sure what you would promote online, what your “niche” would be then you can actually promote the Wealthy Affiliate programme specifically and earn the biggest recurring commissions in the industry by doing so 💵

I have added a basic overview of the commissions that you can earn through Wealthy Affiliate to the right, but I want to be direct here.

Yes – the money is what we are looking for long term, as money gives us freedom, opportunities, possibilities… the pursuit of the money is not an evil or ungracious thing. However:Wealthy affiliate commission scheme

Your focus has to be provide value for others – as much value as you can. To give more than you receive. If you focus on the money and chase that, it likely won’t happen. If you focus on providing value to your audience through your blog/website then the money will follow as a residual of that value that you are providing. “Service to many leads to greatness”. 

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is much like the Online Entrepreneur Certification but focuses on gearing your website towards to promotion of the Weatlhy Affiliate programme.

This very website that you have visited was build through the Affiliate Bootcamp programme.

If you would like to speak to me directly and gain any advice on the programme then please drop me an email at rick@affiliate-HQ.com or leave a comment below.

One of the things that I really liked and found useful when working through the Affiliate Bootcamp training was the daily tasks that you had to work through. You do a lesson a day – watch a video and then have to complete the tasks as you can see below. Why did I find this way of working useful?

1. When you are new to affiliate marketing and have never built a business online before, it can seem very overwhelming (it did for me!) so by breaking it down into smaller daily tasks the brain seems to prefer it this way, it seems easier, manageable ✅ 

2. Focus is everything – I have always been guilty of taking on lots of projects and never quite completing any of them in the past, when I worked with the Wealthy Affiliate programme it helped me to focus on the task in hand and keep consistent 🎯 

3. There is something about ticking off a task…right? Have you ever added something to your to do list, that you have already done, just so that you can tick it off and make yourself feel good? (OK – maybe this is just me!) but the brain enjoys these small feelings of success every time you tick off a task, it keeps you motivated. If you are feeling motivated and you want to get cracked on with your Wealthy Affiliate training you can do so here for FREE

Wealthy affiliate training

Training: My Training Activity, Training HQ and Classrooms

As well as the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp – there are thousands of different training on the website that you can access.

The experienced members of the community have added training sessions on everything you could want to know about making money online and developing an online business. Whatever the question – there’s a training session for it. 

I will talk more about the amazing community and support within Wealthy Affiliate later on in my review but for now just know that through Wealthy Affiliate you have access to one of the largest bank of training materials, if not the largest bank of training materials on the WWW – if you are series about creating financial independence and improving your lifestyle you can have a look around with a FREE started membership. 

As you grow in confidence and experience you may wish to write your own training material and share with the community and there are many benefits of doing so which I will save for another post 😀

Wealthy Affiliate training courses

The training HQ is central database for all the Wealthy Affiliate training materials where you can search for a specific training to help you. Knowledge is certainly power especially when it comes to online marketing and making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate Training HQ

The classrooms tab is another search tab where you can hunt down the specific classroom training sessions that you would  like to work on. This is handy if you have completed a section of training but you aren’t quite confident so you want to go back over some elements – you can jump right back in and review the course.

It’s worth nothing that within the Wealthy Affiliate community I do offer free coaching and support myself – and I am willing to work with anyone FREE on a 1-2-1 basis who shows the right level of enthusiasm and commitment to building an online business and ultimately financial independence. You can contact me by email at rick@affiliate-HQ.com. (Please add a brief paragraph explaining why you feel we should work together – it helps me to sit out time wasters. Time is so precious.)

Support – a community that really cares for your success

This is a “biggy” for me when it comes the Wealthy Affiliate – It’s brilliant! 🏅

I am completely biased at this stage of the review and not afraid to admit it! You see – here’s why the level of support that you receive (in any new venture) is key. 🔑

It’s difficult when starting any business, launching your affiliate marketing business, building residual income and choosing to never the online marketing world.


Because you are having to go against the grain. 99% of the surrounding people are not going to be thinking or acting in the same way as you.

“To live a life that 99% of people can only dream of – you need to think and act in a way that 99% of people are not prepared to do…” 

Bonus points if you can tell me who’s quote that is – at the moment I’m attributing it to me! 😝

Wealthy Affiliate dream stealersNow the sad thing you are going to have to cope with is that, for massive success, not only are you going to have to think and act in ways that the 99% of people around you are not prepared to – the 99% is likely to try to derail your plans for a different, more successful and more meaningful and rich existence.

Oh… but it gets worse… a lot of these people trying to derail your plans are going to be those closest to you 😲

We call them the dream stealers.They say things like “what are you starting a business for? Sounds like a SCAM!” “Why not leave that work now and come to the pub!” “You work too hard, let’s go on vacation”, “you’re off jogging at 6AM? Don’t be daft -!” “You can’t take your money with you – get it spent!” “That online marketing stuff is a SCAM!” “Why are you bothering with the gym, you will never get 6 pack abs, you love cake too much”. 

You start off with your dreams and a vision for a better life, you make a plan to do it, you read your personal development books and decide that you are committed and dedicated to a better life… and then Uncle Bill makes a passing comment to you about something or other and all of a sudden the dreams are out of the window, the morning jog is canceled, the Wealthy Affiliate FREE MEMBERSHIP is thrown out you walk to the shop buy 20 fags and start thinking about how it’s always “other people” who get “all the luck”. 💤

How do I know? Well this was me until fairly recently. It’s something I’ve always struggled with but I’m bossing it now. 💪

So – you have to have an excellent support network around you of positive like-minded people who can support and enable your success. To help to protect you from the negativity of the 99%. Wealthy Affiliate absolutely delivers on this every time.

Below is a screenshot of the Help Centre within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Help CentreWealthy Affiliate Live Help

Through the Help Centre you can ask the whole community a question (hundreds of thousands of people just like you working on their businesses) and you can even private message the owners of Wealthy Affiliate directly.

You have access to excellent technical and back end support for the websites that you build through Wealthy Affiliate which I will cover later in the review. This is called “Site Support” as you can see above.

To the right is a screenshot that I have just taken of the Live Chat within the Help Centre.

I am here as a massive support for you and you can contact me HERE when you can sign up to a free account with Wealthy Affiliate 😃

Alternatively you can leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

Website Builder – your own Premium Website in 5 easy steps

Moving on.

Let’s chat about building your website.

Hopefully by this stage you are starting to get a grasp about affiliate marketing and what it is all about.

Well – you are going to need yourself a website if you are going to be able to build your self a residual income through affiliate marketing and ultimately achieve your financial independence goals 🥅

Luckily, the old days of paying thousands for a crappy 2-page static websites are long behind us. Here is my step by step walk through guide of how to build a website in minutes.

Alternatively, if you are the type of person who leans better by doing things (Kinesthetic learner) then you can jump straight in and create a free account here and build your website in real time 💻

Step 1 – register your own domain or pick a free domain (for this example I’ve picked a free domain)

Wealthy Affiliate domains

Step 2 – choose a domain name

Step 3 – enter a title for your website

Step 4 – choose the design for your website (over 4000 free!)

Step 5 – click to build the site

It will take a few minutes seconds to initialise and then Presto! You have yourself a brand new shiny website and the journey to financial freedom can begin! If I have done a good enough job of convincing you – you can build your website now for free. CLICK HERE.

If you want to ask any questions please leave them in the comments below. What do you think so far? Have you any experience of the old ways of building a website? Did you build one and it cost you thousands of pounds?

Wealthy Affiliate website builder

Build my own website

Success Stories – our “instant society” and YOU

I am not going to spend too much time on this success stories part of my review and let me tell you why.

When I was trawling the internet looking for opportunities to make money online I kept coming across these B. S get-rich-quick sites offering miracle financial schemes when you invest $500 and all the crap 💤

Cheesy stories about everyday people who make it big on the internet.

“I was a post person on the Monday and by the Wednesday I was a millionaire!” Yeah right, Barbara.😂

“John invested $500 on the Thursday and had a taught by the following week!” 😂

Hmmmmm…. so here’s the thing. There are thousands of success stories that I can tell you about through Wealthy Affiliate but that’s nothing to do with you. 

We live in a social media society where people want everything NOW and are not prepared to work for their success. Fame and fortune at the click of an Instagram post.

My Final Thoughts + Special BONUS!

YES – you can make a few hundred quid a month through Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing. ✅

YES – you can make a few thousand a month. ✅

YES – you can make a business that will turn over millions per year. ✅

And you can create this residually (where the money comes in automatically long after the initial work is done).

BUT… this is down to you. Posting some story about how someone else made millions of pounds on the internet is pointless.

I used to spend hours reading stories about successful affiliate marketers and dreaming and praying for my own massive success and then it dawned on me that “nothing works unless I do” and “for things to change – I must change!” 

So, give it a go and sign up to your free starter account. I promise that I will provide you with a massive amount of support, not just in the early stages, but all along your journey.

However, please make me a promise? If you do sign up, please make the effort to set up your account, it’s really important. It’s very simple and you will be walked through the process in Wealthy Affiliate.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE here.

Claiming your bonus… 

When you join Wealthy Affiliate with your FREE starter account

I am going to be offering a bonus if you decide to become a Premium Member within the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).

As soon as you sign up with your free account, I will be contacting you personally within Wealthy Affiliate to show you how to claim your bonus ⭐️

To your success! 😀 🥇 💗

Cheers, Rick

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