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Welcome to another of my work from home opportunity reviews, this time focusing on an opportunity within the Network Marketing industry – and a company called Utility Warehouse, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom Plus PLC.

As always, I hope that my reviews can be helpful and provide an honest overview of the “side hustle” opportunities available to you!

So, here goes with my review of Utility Warehouse 😃

Name:  Utility Warehouse Discount Club (Telecom Plus PLC)
Website: http://www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk
Price: £100 (different bonus starter discounts available)
Owners: Telecom Plus PLC  
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100 ✅

Utility Warehouse: Opportunity Overview

I am a former distributor for the Utility Warehouse (I will explain more about what that means later in the review) therefore my review is an honest and open account of my experience with Utility Warehouse and an overview of the opportunity as it stands in 2019.

Who are the Utility Warehouse – a Two Fold Opportunity

The Utility Warehouse offers an opportunity to:

  1. Join the Utility Warehouse Discount Club as a customer and save money on the essential household bills such as broadband, telephony and energy ⚡️
  2. Join the Utility Warehouse Discount Club as a distributor, with the opportunity to make money by recommending and referring people to the club 👬

It is this second option that I will be focusing on in this review.

Leveraging the Network Marketing Model

Their are many ways to earn money with The Utility Warehouse as a distributor, working within the Network Marketing model.

This isn’t a post about the network marketing industry, however for those that are new to the concept here is a quick explanation.

In Network Marketing you make money by referring customers to the product or service, and secondly, by introducing other distributors to the business opportunity where you can then earn a small percentage of the customers that they introduce to the services.

In the case of Utility Warehouse, there is no limit to the amount of people you can introduce as customers and distributors, therefore the income opportunity is effectively un-capped 😮

Residual Income 

The Network Marketing industry is unique in that it offers the opportunity to earn residual income 💰

You do the work once and then get paid time and time again for doing that work once – pretty cool.

A bit like a singer who records a hit song and the gets paid royalities every time it is played on the radio, Utility Warehouse (UW) pays their distributors a percentage of their customer bills every single month that they remain a customer after sign up.

Music to your ears? 🎧

Read on 😊

Utility Warehouse, The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  1. Financial Freedom: There is a genuine opportunity over time to build up a residual income that can help you towards financial freedom, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, but the opportunity is real – read more here
  2. Top Up Pension: You don’t have to go for the big bucks, a lot of people have joined UW to add a couple of hundred quid into the pension pot each month, many people have built a completely new pension pot having realised that their current financial plan wasn’t working! ☹️ 
  3. Personal Development: The training at UW is excellent, I can say this as a previous distributor. You have access to brilliant online training and more traditional classroom training, all of which is free and gives you everything you need to know to build a successful business in Network Marketing ✅
  4. Helping Others: In brief, you earn money by helping other people to save money, win win 👍
  5. More Free Time: Because the income opportunity is residual as opposed to linear (trading time for money) you can leverage this to grow your income and create more free time to enjoy that income – good news 😃
  6. Meet New People: There’s a great opportunity to meet lots of new people – loads of company events and social opportunities, which I feel is really important. When you are starting a business, it can be a lonely time, going out by yourself. So, having a network of supportive people around you is great ✅

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself – Henry Ford

The Bad:

Here are some of the reasons that I didn’t continue with Network Marketing and The Utility Warehouse.

  1. Alienating Friends and Family: The training recommends contacting your “warm market” of friends and family to approach them about becoming customers and distributors. For some this might not be an issue, but I found it really awkward trying to sign up friends and family – I found that there was a stigma attacked to the Network Marketing industry and it’s similarities to the old school pyramid schemes 🔼
  2. Cold Market: Once you have exhausted the contacts within your warm market, you need to start thinking about how to grow your business outside of that market. The ideal situation is that you cleverly utilise your warm market to gain referrals and never have to approach anyone “cold”, which is easily said and done if you are an experienced networker. Now, the training is very good in this area, however – despite that, for most people who sign up to the opportunity networking and leveraging their friends and family (warm market) is a business skill that feels completely out of their comfort zone and understandably so; this was one of the reasons that I eventually chose to pursue Affiliate Marketing – as it is a 100% online business, where you approach your cold market in a more organic, unobtrusive way 😀
  3. The Services Offered: This is likely not an issue for everyone, probably a bit more personal to me, but the type of services that the Utility Warehouse offer – such as gas and electric, have a great stigma attached to them, through no fault of the Utility Warehouse! The services that they offer are great, but when I decided to start a UW business, a lot of my friends and family assumed that I was now a gas and electricity salesperson, and I felt really awkward about promoting the services 💡
  4. Cult?: Everyone gets a little bit crazy! You are encouraged quite strongly to attend lots and lots of events, both official company events, and events that have been organised by your “up line team” (the people that signed you up as a distributor) and it can be a bit full on. Think motivational speakers, rags to riches stories and all that kind of stuff – it wasn’t for me and it all can get a little bit too much. I was more interested in learning key skills to build a business online than attending back slapping “ra ra ra” company events! 🔊

Find out about my No 1 rated online business opportunity here.

Who is Utility Warehouse For?

The Utility Warehouse Marketing is correct in that anyone can create an amazing income and change their lifestyle through the opportunity.

However, it is not easy, and in my opinion if you have a background in business, sales and networking, you are definitely going to be at an advantage.

Utility Warehouse Tools & Training

When starting any business, traditional bricks and mortar, online, network marketing, affiliate marketing, whatever you choose – it is absolutely crucial that you have a support network around you and access to top quality training to build your business.

The Utility Warehouse offers:

Getting Started Training

This is to help you to kick start your business. There is online training to complete as well as classroom style trainings held all over the country at various locations, mostly based at hotels.

This training will cover things like how to gather your first customers, how to recruit distributors into your network, how to present the company business plan, for example.

Advanced Training

As you grow your business and hit certain targets related to the growth of your business, the Utility Warehouse will offer different levels of training and support as you progress through their progress plan. The advanced training may cover things like, how to train your new distributors, how to leverage your existing network for referrals, how to run your own company events.

The training is always delivered by existing distributors, who have created success already in the industry and the company 😃

Local and National Events 

Throughout the year there are many events organised by the company such as “MAD” day – Massive Action Day, the national annual conference and other locally organised training events throughout the year – all of the training is free.

You are provided with all of the tools that you need to build a successful business, including a hosted website (charges apply for this) and the different sales tools that you need, including presenting literature, business cards (charges again, apply) 🧰

Utility Warehouse Extra Incentives

There are plenty of added incentives that you can achieve as you progress with your Utility Warehouse business 🏖

In addition to all expenses paid holidays and cruises, there is the opportunity to own your own company branded Mini, build share options, borrow a Porsche and gain ongoing cash bonuses 💵

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, sort of, but read on! 😉

Utility Warehouse Price £££

£100 to get your business started.

It’s a very good price, and you get a great deal for you money.

We normally suggest looking for  opportunities that allow you to start with a free beginners account. 

You can get your £100 back if you sign up a certain amount of customers in a set amount of days, however when I was a distributor for Utility Warehouse I found the target quite tough and from what I could tell, the majority of people around me did not achieve this 😢

My Final Opinion of Utility Warehouse

I’ve given Utility Warehouse a pretty good score, as I think it is a genuine opportunity and a well run company that’s clearly doing a lot right ✅ 

However – my positive rating does come with a slight disclaimer, in that success in network marketing and Utility Warehouse is tough, and sometimes the promise of free cash, giving up your crappy job, driving flash cars and all expenses free cruises, can be misleading.

Here is a copy of an article from The Guardian in 2017, about their research into distributor earnings.

I’d say in my final thoughts that, the right types of characters can definitely age a go of this opportunity.

I didn’t continue with the company as I found an opportunity online that had a lot of the positives of the network marketing industry, but allowed me to work entirely from my laptop without having to do the whole sales type stuff with presentations and “signing people up” 💻

I lost a lot of friends in the early days of network marketing when I was approaching them to join my ”amazing opportunity” and it just wasn’t for me ❌

Definitely do plenty of research and make an informed decision without rushing into anything.


If you need any advice, please do leave me a comment and I’m happy to discuss 😃

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What did you think of this review?

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2 thoughts on “Rick’s Review of Utility Warehouse

  • August 19, 2019 at 11:01 pm

    Hi Rick,

    This is a really informative review about Utility Warehouse. I’ve never heard of the company until today. I can understand why people are skeptical because almost everyone has been approached by pyramid schemes. Thank you for the review. =)


    • August 19, 2019 at 11:11 pm

      Hey Shanae,

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment! I agree, the Network Marketing model is often described as a pyramid scheme, however – a traditional J.O.B (just over broke!) is no different.

      My business of choice is always Affiliate Marketing, but I definitely see the value in Network Marketing for sure.

      Take Care,



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