Rick’s Review of PaidSocialMediaJobs.com in 2019

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Here’s my latest review of PaidSocialMediaJobs.com in 2019. As always, my reviews are here to help people looking for work from home opportunities online.

It’s a crowded place is this internet world! So, with any luck my reviews can help to break through the noise and you can benefit from my experience 😀

Name:  Paid Social Media Jobs
Website: http://www.paidsocialmediajobs.com
Price: 97$ or 27$ introductory deal to “get certified”
Owners: Unknown 
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 💯

PaidSocialMediaJobs.com: Product Overview

You sign up to the website and hand your cash over and then the website promises to link you to opportunities to work from home updating social media pages for business and basically operating as a “social media manager” from home.

It’s kinda like a freelance platform.

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, read on! 🤥

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Here, I would normally list 3 good points about the website/programme that I am reviewing, but in all honesty – I’m struggling.

Later on in the review, I will provide some advice on where you can find better ways of making money from home legitimately 😊

The Bad: (Immediate warning signs) 

  1. Asks for money straight away without allowing you to signup to a free version of the programme to have a “look around” first
  2. I couldn’t find much information about the owner of the website and that lack of transparency is always a worry 🤨
  3. I filled in a VERY brief form with my contact details and my experience in social media (which I filled out “none” as a test) and immediately (what a shock) I was “approved”  as the type of person they were looking for! Well… think on this – as a business owner I would not let just any random person who has signed up to a website, manage the social media for my business’ especially someone who expressed deliberately that they didn’t have any experience! So… once you have signed up to the website and paid your fee, what work is there REALLY available to you? Hmmm.

Who is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com For?

Well, apparently single mothers just like Annie Jones.

I mean, really? 😂

Check out the promo video and make your mind up for yourself! It’s good for a laugh.

By the way, for our easily offended wallflowers out there – I’m laughing at the quality of the video, not the fact that single mothers may wish to earn an extra income from home😀

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PaidSocialMediaJobs.com Tools & Training

Erm, well.

Once you have signed up and paid your money and you are all set to make your money in social media management – it’s not great news.

The training speaks a lot about the importance of social media managers but it is only come module 4, when you actually gain any useful information on social media strategies that work ☹️

The information that it does provide is mostly in PDF format and a lot of the stuff is available if you search online for free! 😮

The training modules cover how to find your own clients – yes, you are going to need to do that. If you thought this website was a handy tool for connecting you to live work from home social media management opportunities, think again – you’re pretty much on your own.

The website does have a “marketplace” where you can search for online social media jobs, but it is a bit of a ghost town and it doesn’t provide anything over and above what you might be able to find yourself using google or the various freelancing platforms that are out there 👻

PaidSocialMediaJobs.com Support

When you are starting out online, particularly beginners looking to launch their business online – the support that you receive is really crucial ✅

There is a real lack of a sense of community about this “opportunity”. I started my online journey with a company called Wealthy Affiliate and was very lucky to do so – I guess I must have been spoilt! 😀

I’ve written a separate review about it here, which talks in detail about the support that you receive from Wealthy Affiliate.

However, I’m meant to be discussing Paid Social Media Jobs! 😂 But there’s not much to discuss… inside of the community there’s no interaction between affiliates, there’s no live help, there is a contact us style support – but I wouldn’t hang by the phone waiting for them to answer 📞

Why do you need support when starting your online work from home journey?

  • You will end up giving up if you don’t have support, it’s a lonely journey, you need some friends along the way.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know! Without a structured training programme that you can work through, written by people who have been there and done it when it comes to online success, you are going to struggle. Here’s some more info on that.
  • You need a mentor. Everyone needs a mentor. I like to call my self an accountability partner. If you wish to be successful, it is a real good idea to have someone experienced that you can check n with along the way. If you are serious about online success, I offer free coaching and mentorship. Leave a comment or email me at rick@affiliate-hq.com for details 😃

rick@affiliate-HQ.com – for FREE coaching

PaidSocialMediaJobs.com Price

97$ or 27$ introductory deal to “get certified”.

You really need to be looking for  opportunities that allow you to start with a free beginners account. 

My Final Opinion of PaidSocialMediaJobs.com

I wouldn’t describe it as a SCAM, because it does offer a service, albeit, in my opinion, one that is pretty lacking.

If you desire to be a social media manager, it’s a great call. There’s lots of opportunity to make a really decent living from it, or at least some spare cash to help with the bills or towards a holiday 🏖

However, you really don’t need a paid for service like this one to launch a business working as a social media manager. And why be so specific? There’s lot’s of opportunity to earn income online by doing things that you love and following your passions.

Here’s is a review of my favourite online opportunity HERE.


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