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This latest blog post is all about motivation in Affiliate Marketing.

If you aren’t sure what Affiliate Marketing is, you’re in the wrong place and should start with reading this blog.

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Why it’s Tough to Stay Motivated in Affiliate Marketing

Because 99% of people are only familiar with linear income (work an hour get paid an hour), when people start an affiliate marketing business they can find it difficult to get their head around the idea of residual income 🤯

What is Residual Income?

Residual income is the type of income that a songwriter might earn – they create a song (do the work once) and then every time a radio station plays that song (for ever) they have to pay Mr or Mrs Songwriter a commission (royalty) for the privilege 💴

Pretty good 😉

Most residual income is now earned online with online businesses just like the opportunity within the Affiliate Marketing industry.

  1. Build an income generating asset (your website) ✔️
  2. Drive traffic to your website ✔️
  3. Get paid income (residual is very achievable) through that traffic ✔️

So, Why do people find it difficult to get their head around the idea of residual income?

Because you have to build the (successful) income generating asset (in this case, a website – or for the songwriter, their song) before you can earn the royalties.

And, simple put – that takes a hell of a lot of effort and hard work. There are many obstacles and hurdles to overcome, and hours of work building that asset (your website) before you are going to start seeing any income, let along a residual income.

Apologies to shatter the get rich quick illusions of running an online business, but that’s the facts. 

So, the reason people find it difficult is that they are so used to linear income (like their job) where they see the money quickly from the work that they have done. The problem with this type of income is that you only have so many hours in a day, and so only so much health and wellbeing, to trade for money.

It’s dated, and it’s not a smart way of doing things.

The good news about affiliate marketing and residual income

If the last paragraph depressed you, here’s the good news 😃

Yes, in the early days, you will be spending its of time working and building your business and not see very much income from that work right there and then.

But, as your website become more established, as you gain credibility online, as you develop your brand, you are going to find that the tables turn and you can earn very good money residually, from work that you did months and years ago.

So, you will be paid for your efforts then fold, but you have to have the patience to stick with the work and the grind, when you aren’t seeing the financial rewards, yet.

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But… when am I going to see the money? I’ve been writing blog posts since 1876 😆

OK… if you have been working on your business for quite a while and you aren’t seeing any rewards yet, it might be a training issue. Here’s a review of my favourite free training platform.

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I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right training. You don’t want to find yourself climbing a ladder to online success only to realise it has been resting against the wrong tree and you’ve wasted your precious time

How often are you working on your Affiliate Marketing business? Are you consistent? 🧐

I fully appreciate that we all lead busy lives and finding time to work on your business can be challenging when the kids are causing havoc, you’ve got your “normal job” to contend with, you’re friends want you to go to the bar and drink cocktails and you’ve got 7 episodes of your favourite Netflix series to catch up on 📺

I’m not here to give you a hard time about the work that you do or do not put into your business – for me consistency is king, if you can only put 5 hours into your business per week, fine – but make sure you do that every single week.

It’s your business – build it at the pace that you feel comfortable with.

However, here’s my top tips for building consistency when working on your business.

  • Use an online calendar App – I use google calendar, but there’s loads of options out there ✅
  • Before the start of every week, schedule out the time on your calendar that you are going to commit to building your business and block this off in the calendar ✅

  • Go into a little bit of detail in your calendar about what you want to achieve with that time (the more specific you are the better, it triggers the brain into action I find) ✅
  • Set up a working space that feels right for you – personally I like to work from a coffee shop where there is a little bit of background noise, but others like to work from a spare room, a home office, or their bedroom, whatever or wherever, you have to feel comfortable and get into work mode ✅
  • Prep for your work time and space – getting started can be the difficult part, so make it easy for yourself. Get the laptop set up, have your task list to hand, make sure your space is ready to work ✅

Getting the best support when building your Affiliate business

Speaking mostly from my own experience here, one of the major challenges when you are trying to keep motivated in your business is combating the feeling of loneliness and isolation! 😢

I was the only person out of my immediate friends and family circle trying to build a business in my spare time, it was/and is quite alien to them, therefore it is easy to feel like you are by yourself.

People didn’t understand why I was going to work 50 hours per week and then working most of my spare time on trying to build my business.

(And by the looks of my face on the picture to the left, neither did I 😆 )

“You’ve already got one job!”

“Chill out, it’s not healthy working so much”

the Quote that always springs to mind and keeps me motivated is this:

To live the type of life that others can only dream of, you often have to do the things that others wouldn’t dream of doing

What does help, I found – is to immerse yourself in a community of likeminded people who can support and encourage you.

Building a business can be a lonely affair.

Read more about my community and support network here.

You have to keep going and do the work you need to do to build the dream you wish to build, long after the initial excitement and motivation has left.

5 great ways to keep motivated

  • Create a vision board – attach pictures of the lifestyle that you want to achieve, your reasons for building your business, quotes that you love, places you would like to travel, you get the idea. When you are struggling for motivation, use it to remind you why you are building your business ✅


  • Really find out your “why” for building the business. Often the reasons that you think you want to build your business are not the true reasons, you have to spend some time thinking and try to dig a little deeper. Is it the new car that you want, or is it that deep down you have a need to be recognised? Is it the money that you want, or deep down do you have a desire to feel part of a community, accepted, respected? Once you find your real why, it will become a powerful tool to keep your motivated. Warning, this exercise can be powerful and painful one! ✅


  • Find your pain and use it. Pain can be a massive motivator. If you can take situations past or present that cause you to feel hurt or pain and use that feeling to drive you to positive action, you are going to be well on your way to success. This is difficult to do and takes practice! It is not what happens to us, but how we use that. If someone is disrespectful towards us, for instance, we can choose to hurt ourselves (note – hurt ourselves, other people can not hurt us) by getting upset, or we can choose to spend an hour writing a new blog post for our website ✅


  • Forget money – remember your passions. Many people fail or give up in Affiliate Marketing because they create their business with money in mind, my best advice is to write about, and create your business around subjects that you feel passionate about. Remember, Affiliate Marketing requires work. To have a website that is making a decent income, you are going to have to do a lot of research and writing in your chosen area, so you best make sure you are building a business around a subject that you feel passionate about ✅


  • Maintain a positive grateful attitude. (Says every motivational personal development website everywhere…) well, yes and no. Yes, you will always remain more motivated if you try to keep your mind positive, however – it is equally as important to try to grind it out when you don’t feel like it. Successful people do the work that they need to do, when they need to do it, they don’t wait until they feel positive to do it. So my advice is, yes – try to remain positive, but some days accept that, well, you just won’t and that’s ok… but do the work anyway. You will thank yourself for it ✅

So, how do you keep motivated? Do you have any tips for the community that can help? 😀

Leave your comments below.

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