How to sell Musical Instruments Online

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Thanks for tapping into my latest post – How to sell Musical instruments online. 

Please note – the info in this post can be applied to other products that you may wish to sell online; I’ve decided to focus on musical instruments in this post as it is a particular interest of mine and an area I hope i know a little bit about 🎶

Let’s jump right in, first things first.

Why sell musical instruments online?

The traditional “shop front” bricks and mortar businesses are not going to survive for too much longer – that is a fact.

“The death of the high street” is a real thing. We see it in most town centres particularly in the north of England where I am based.

Even the musical instrument stores (any any other stores) that are seemingly doing okay in traditional shop front approaches to business, will have websites and e-commerce stores.

The majority of business is done online – fact. 💻

Until recently, I ran an antique musical instrument business specialising in brass antiques. It was fun but hard work to turn a profit.

You are relying on the door swinging and an interested party coming into the village antique shop who might randomly have an interest in the instruments that you are selling 🎺

Even if you are operating in a busy commercial area, you still need to be taking your business online, even if just for the presence. People want to research and do their due diligence online ✅

I am now moving this business online and creating a good looking effective effective website that I will promote through social media channels.

You have a potential audience of billions of people on the internet and we will be talking about how to reach that audience later in the blog.

What is your Vision? What do you want to achieve?

When setting up an online business – it is so important that you know what it is that you are wanting to achieve 🎯

Here’s my simple 3 step approach. 

  1. Where am I now?
  2. Where do I want to be?
  3. How do I get there?

I’ll give you an example using my antiques musical instrument business as a real life case study on this occasion. The vision will be different for everyone, all I will say is try to be specific.

Where am I now? 

I have a traditional shop in the village which has opens 3 days per week. I don’t get much footfall. I have too much money tied up in stock because I don’t turn it over quickly enough. I lose out on a lot of business to online operators who don’t have the same traditional overheads that I do”     

Where do I want to be?

“I’d like to fully transition my traditional business into an online business. I’d like to turn stock around quicker, reduce my overheads and increase my profit margin. I’d like to be able to communicate with my customers via my mobile phone as I am always on the move. I’d like a website that links into social media and is easy to operate, I’d like to increase my turnover by 25% in the next 12 months” 📆 

How do I get there?  

“I find a website builder which is easy to operate and has low costs to run (the one I use has a perfectly good free version). I research and find as much help online as I can. I wind down the traditional shop, I learn how to market online, I find an online mentor who knows what they are doing…”  

I have written an in-depth review all about the programme that I use for building web sites and launching businesses online. You can read that review HERE.

What is your Niche? What is your Unique Selling Point? (USP)

You’ve done some work on your vision ✅

You’ve decided what you might like to achieve online ✅

You’ve put some thought into how you might get there  ✅

It’s now time to start thinking about how you are going to market yourself online.

When I started out I joined a community called Wealthy Affiliate which helped with all of this kind of stuff – you can read my in depth review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

Below is a screenshot from the Wealthy Affiliate site showing some of the training available around this topic.

The online world is a very crowded place.

It is going to help you to stand out if you have a unique selling point or a particular niche that is different to other people.

 5 Questions to ask yourself when thinking about your niche and your USP for your online musical instrument business:-

  1. What is the best selling point about my business?
  2. What do I do differently to everyone else?
  3. What do my customers say they love about my business?
  4. What do I love about my business?
  5. What do I think I do more effectively than anyone else? 💭

Defining your Audience

You have your vision, you’ve worked out your USP – how does this match up with your audience?

I will explain.

If your USP is that you are amazing at reconditioning antique brass trumpets then you need to be marketing to people who want to buy reconditioned antique brass trumpets.

If you are unsure of your audience then it is going to be difficult to develop a successful business online as you will be sending out a mixed and confused marketing message, which will attract a mixed and confused consumer, who – well, won’t buy your musical instruments.

The image above is taken from the Wealthy Affiliate website once more. Find out more by reading my review.

A Platform for Reaching your Target Audience

You have your vision, your USP,  know your audience – great work! 😀

Now all we need to do is to work out how to reach that target audience.

Here’s some common approaches:

  • Open an eBay store and sell direct
  • Sell through social media (Facebook stores/groups/posting Instagram photos/Twitter hashtags etc)
  • Create your own website and sell direct to customers from there
  • Sell through websites like Gumtree and CraigsList

All valid approaches. But what if you could have a combination of all of the above approaches? 💰 

Well, you can. And this is where I am going to unashamedly plug the platform that I use for combining these approaches – Wealthy Affiliate. 

I have used Wealthy Affiliate to:

  • Build my first musical instrument website for free 💻
  • Learn, through in depth and easy to understand training, how to reach my audience and sell to that audience;
  • How to turn my traditional music business into an online enterprise that runs at significantly less overheads than the old school business and makes more profit 😃
  • Connect with a whole community of amazing people all willing to help me build my online business, offering their advice for free!

My Final Thoughts

I hope that this blog post has helped you 😀

If you are serious about wanting to sell musical instruments online then I can offer you industry leading training and a ready built support network to assist you along the way.

Your next step is to read this read this review.

I offer FREE free one to one coaching, but I’m only willing to work with people who are eager and open to learning.

If you would like to work with me or have any further questions, please  leave a comment below or email me at


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