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Welcome to Affiliate HQ – the home of Affiliate Marketing. My name is Rick and I’m the creator of Affiliate HQ ⭐️

My Story

I am a 31 year old chap living and working in a beautiful county in Northern England called Yorkshire. For my “normal job” I work at a lovely country pub/restaurant and for the most part I enjoy the work that I do. However, it is very long hours for relatively low pay – I don’t have a lot of free time and when I do, I currently don’t have a great deal of money to enjoy it! ☹️

I have discovered affiliate marketing and have found that it is a great way of developing a secondary (potentially passive) income.

I am working hard and in 12-18 months I expect that I will have grown a decent enough passive income to nicely supplement my “normal” income – building multiple streams of income is the way forward.

Affiliate HQ is about teaching others how to do the same – my success is dependent upon helping others 😊

When I’m not running the pub or working on this website, you will find we out walking in our amazing countryside or playing with my local village brass band.

Why do I want to Help People?

To be frank – I have felt very “stuck” over the last few years to say the least.

Stuck in jobs that I didn’t enjoy, stuck paying rent on a house that I didn’t own and just about covering the ever-escalating costs 😢

Stuck trading my time for money, it was time to look  at building my own dreams instead of solely helping others to achieve theirs!

I want to add massive value to other people who have felt stuck like I did and help people to grow supplementary incomes that can help them achieve their freedom, whatever that means to each person.

Yes – of course I want my efforts to generate healthy revenue, but I don’t chase the money.

My philosophy is that, if I provide enough value through my blogs and my training, revenue will follow automatically.

I am committed to achieving financial, mental and spiritual freedom through Affiliate Marketing and it would be great if some other motivated people wanted to come along for the successful ride ✈️

I want us to have loads of fun and learn the skills that are necessary for online success and I’m excited to connect with you 😆

The Goal of Affiliate HQ

To create an informative and fun community training resource for those looking to succeed in the online marketing world. To achieve massive success personally through helping others to achieve their massive success

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Bye for now!


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